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Monday, 30 July 2012

Hard as nails

Now I'm normally pretty rubbish with my nail care. I used to bite my nails A LOT; I even grew used to that stuff that you put on that's meant to make them taste bad so that you stop. But now that I'm a bonafide adult I am trying to improve and be proper and girly! Unfortunately this has meant that I've been constantly stuck between either coral or pink for the past...oh, two YEARS or so?! So this summer I'm going to branch out ;)

Two weeks ago my obsession was black nail varnish. I didn't feel too girly, it went with everything, and a bit of chipping only added to the grunge feel - that is 3 birds with 1 stone, ladies. But last week I bought myself a little taster of a mint colour by MaxFactor...and I'm in love.

The exact shade is 27 in 'Cool Jade' and it is so, so lovely. The pastel hue is perfect for summer and is magnifique for a low maintenance kinda gal like me! Check out how bad I am at applying nail polish haha!

Reaaaaallly need to get me a manicure one of these days! But anyhoo, what are some of your favourite nail shades? I've seen some pretty stonking nail art on instagram and on other blogs but I wouldn't know where to begin! The mission to girlify starts now!


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