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Monday, 23 July 2012

Mish Mash

So I figured I spend enough time on the internet to warrant creating, and actually using, one of these blog things that we're always hearing about. It's just a place to mindlessly waffle about my mundane little life, from excerpts of my writing to music recs and fashion, this is a certified brain-dump so expect a hell of a lot of garbage. Consider yourselves forewarned.

Today has been gorgeous but hella sweaty, and who'd have thunk it, but it turns out I'm a polar bear who can't stick it out in the heat. I have had a hair disaster of a week, where my hair has gone from light brown to horrific blonde verging on green, to ginger, to black. I'm too afraid to go near it again but my current look is definitely reminiscient of my emo days and definitely does not suit the sudden English summer to emerge out of just left of nowhere. So, forgive me for not getting into the holiday spirits, but I have spent my morning parking cars and my afternoon in a shop full of screaming sweaty children, so I'mma hit you up with some music recs that either suit this time of year or don't, depending on the angle in which you're sitting.

First things first, there is Kyla La Grange with "Vampire Smile". I think she is fab! This might not be everyone's cuppa but it certainly beats the sparkly vampire sensation that has recently (thankfully) dropped a little off people's scopes. Check it outtt, you might like it.

Secondly there is Lewis Watson with "Windows". I have a pretty hardcore crush on little Lewis, partially because he's from Oxford so is potentially stalkable, but mostly because he's frickin' adorable. Next Ed Sheeran is my prediction, and I also recommend you in general follow his entire youtube channel because he's cute and does great covers. Also, would trying to get in his music video through the Instagram competition be too much? Where is the line anymore, who knows.

There's also Bastille with their acapella version of "Overjoyed". The original version is also really good but I think the acapella is even better. Delicious.

Even though this is old as hellllll, this song is so good and will forever make me happy. It's Portugal. The Man with "The Sun" and more than anything this video makes me want to be a sheep for Bestival this year. Someone help me make it happen.

And I'll finish with Avalanche City's "Love Love Love" just for summery cuteness points (I'm trying to minimise my angry polar bear here):

Happy belated start to the summer, y'all.

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