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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

OOTD (kind of)

Now I technically don't have an Outfit of the Day today as I was at work all day and my uniform is too horrific to count and then I IMMEDIATELY got my bum into some jim jams, no messing. But here's a few previous's to give examples and to get into the swing of things! I want a professional camera and the knowledge of how to use one soo baaaaaad :(

This is just an easy little going out kinda look because I am the sweatiest person alive on a night out - passers-by literally peel off of me if I touch them. The skirt is ridiculously too short because it's borrowed from my besty who is lots shorter than me and everyone told me that the length was acceptable! It was not, and everyone saw my bottom. But c'est la vie. The top is a simple plain black bandeau from Asos, bought cheap through ebay, and the heels are cheap New Look numbers, I thiink off the top of my head they were £25 maybe?! But they go with everything and they are my crutch footwear in life, so a good little purchase I think!



  1. A professional camera was my saving grace haha but hey at least you look cute!

  2. Thanks so much lovely! Your blog is so lovely by the way, the hat in your latest post is uh-maaazing! Which professional camera did you use to start with? It's my 21st in a few weeks and I'm thinking it's time that I invest!


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