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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Snapshots of my

This week has been craaazy busy. I've been working, I've been trying to complete a late uni assignment (oh godddd, August 20th is not long enough away anymore!) and I've been trying to plan my 21st birthday party. MOST stressful thing ever! I cannot deal with the pressure of being responsible for everyone else's good time, for the logistics of it all, for the social eeekness of who to invite and who will even come. Too, too stressful.

So, I'mma brain dump. I'm gonna go back to the week before this one, where life was so much easier.

1. That week was a good week because I went to stay with my lovely Grandma. How cute is my bedroom at her house? So cute I didn't want to leave.  2. My Grandma also has an adorable, large, hairy, chatty cat called Barney. He is three years old and acts like a teenager and will only drink from the tap in the bidet! He had me so well trained I spent most of my stay being led to and from the bathroom. Cheers, Barns.  3. Best photo ever of my Grandma and Granddad. Wish he was still here!

4. My new satchel from Accessorize, yumm. I am a sale fiend - I am such a stinge and never ever buy things full price. It was still £27.50 but I love it and I'm going to pretend that it's suitable for uni.  5. My lovely boyfriend Dan being caught unawares! Muahaha  6. Me being a dweeb whilst we were hanging out in my room

7. These days the light stays around so late that the moon comes out to play before the sun's outta sight  8. My neighbour's pretty flowers which overhang into our garden (we pretend they're ours)  9. My gorgeous old girl, Kiera, 13 years old and going strong, enjoying an ice cube on a hot summery eve

Ahhh, I feel more relaxed already! I'm sure I was miserable that week too but looking back through these rose-tinted pictures certainly makes me feel more positive about it all. How was your week?


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