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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Absence makes the heart grow

Bonjour! My (sweet) absence has been becauuuse, guess what? I got old! :( I can no longer pretend I'm 18 as I've reached the big fat age of 21. Sigh. I am old old old and definitely on the shelf.

In brighter news, my friends, family and boyfriend all COMPLETELY spoilt me rotten, I am a very very lucky girl. My actual birthday was a week ago today (cry) on the Monday, but on the Saturday night I had a big celebration in Oxford with my friends. Lots of people showed up which was really lovely! We had a VIP suite with champagne and cocktail pitchers which made me feel very glam, although they did misspell my name on the table!

There is no 'h' in my surname, people!!

But it was a lovely occasion and not at all as stressful as I'd thought it would be seeing as I am almost allergic to organisation! I think everyone had a fun night, and I didn't make it to bed until 4.30am so it was definitely a jolly one. Here's some of us, see if you can spot me :)

My birthday outfit turned out to just be a quick Missguided number as I was too busy to really put any thought into it! My boyfriend was dead sweet and went shopping with my friend the day before to make sure that he looked nice too, what a cutie!

We mooched in a hungover state all of Sunday (I ate both a kebab AND a curry...bleurgh...but YUM) and then went to visit my Grandma and go for lunch with her on my actual birthday on Monday, which was lovely. We spent the afternoon showing Dan all of my baby pictures, which he loved, as I was soo chubba and always covered in cake?!

Even better, though, my parents got me my first ever DSLR camera as my 21st present! I adooooore it, and now there is no excuse for lots of lovely outfit posts and chitchat about my adventures. I'm not entiiirely sure how to use it yet, but I'm doing my best! I've been working every day since my birthday, apart from Friday when I went to the Paralympics (!) and yesterday when I went to see The Lion King in the West End (!!!). More about those veeeery soon though ;)



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