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Saturday, 22 September 2012

desperately clinging to summer


 Top: H&M
Skirt: Missguided (bought cheaply from ebay)
Shoes: Topshop

To make me feel better about all the work that needs doing to my new uni house to make it habitable, I went shopping in a pretty skirt and pretended it was still summer. I was soooo cold and regretted it almost instantly (check out them storm clouds) but at least I was...breezy! I love this skirt and it was a bargain at £7 from my trusty friend ebay. It's so floaty and pretty! The H&M top is such an easy wardrobe staple to throw on under anything and the heels are the to-die-for best-present-ever I've mentioned a few times that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday - making this outfit's total cost to me being under £15, boom! Also, these heels are the most comfortable pair I have ever owned, despite being the tallest. I am never, ever, ever taking them off. Unless I'm running late for uphill lectures.




  1. Those china plates you got sound like a real bargain. I'm itching to go charity shop hunting and see what I come back with! Ebay too is where I try and find stuff before I buy it from the actual store, just to save a few quid!

    That colour skirt suits you really well and a cracking pair of wedges make the whole outfit!


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