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Sunday, 16 September 2012

we are the army ants

Bestival is a weird and wonderful place and I wish I'd had a proper, serious-type camera to capture some of the crazy, but I was not about to risk the life of my lubbly new Canon or my favourite nights-out digital, so I found my old crappy Fujifilm that only takes pictures on its' own terms and edited the shizzle out of them on photobucket. All things considered, they came out okay!

 I really enjoyed the £1 tea and toast van! Also, my Florence inspired head band ;)

 We got purdy face art!

 Fancy dress day! I was an unknown...insect?! I never really knew haha!
 Homemade face art!

I am mostly excited for my disposable pictures to be developed, I adore disposables! There's something about a properly printed photograph combined with the shitty quality that I enjoy IMMENSELY! Plus the normally-overpriced issue was sidetracked by buying them from work - five years service equals £2 per camera, apparently, cannot complain!




  1. Yeah I wouldn't risk a sweet looking camera for a festival, I took my old rubbish samsung one when I went to V a couple years ago and it the job! Your fancy dress outfit looks great, added to the fun I bet of the weekend!

    Woahhh now, tea and toast for a pound? That's really decent for a fest, would have been there every morning!

    1. I saw some people lugging around their DSLR's and it just made me cringe! Toooo valuable!

      I knoww, such a good lil deal! They even had comfy chairs - heaven!

  2. EVERY year I say I'll go to Bestival, but I swear next year I really will. Looks like you had a load of fun, I'd have demolished the £1 tea and toast stand.. x

    1. I did just the same, but I finally went and it was brill! Such a different, fun atmosphere than Reading or any of the others, really crazy and carnivally! I wholeheartedly recommend x


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