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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Product review: MAC lippy in 'Brave Red'

Now I love a good lippy, but I've avoided red ever since an ex-boyfriend told me that he thought red lipstick was deeply unattractive. As much as I wish this hadn't stopped me wearing it, it definitely did; I just felt too self-conscious every time I attempted, knowing he was thinking WHAT are you wearing?! the whole time. Le sigh.

But, new relationship, new start, and I thought to myself: get over it! So it wasn't to one person's taste! Does that dictate yours?

So I thought, I'll throw myself into it, and go for MAC because they're supposed to be the best, and I'll pick 'Brave Red' because I don't like to do things by halves. I bought it from eBay (because I equally can't ever afford full price) and it arrived in record time! I was pleasantly surprised and am a potential convert. I chose the creamsheen option because I'm prone to dry lips and didn't want it to stick to all the nasty bits on my face, and it is the softest, smoothest little lippy; it feels hydrating, not drying. The colour is a lot brighter than I was expecting from the ebay picture, but once I got over that initial surprise, I think I'm rather a fan!

The only negatives are that, seeing as it is such a strong colour, I definitely think I might need to invest in a good lipliner (or learn how to apply lipstick better!) in order to get a nice, clean line instead of the speckly, smudged effect you can see here, ha! Also, as nice as the creamsheen effect feels, I do worry that it means it is easier to slide right off. I'm going to brave it and wear it for a night out soon, not just chilling in my bedroom, and I will let you know just how long-lasting it is, particularly when drinking and socialising and being less aware of potential smudging accidents!

Overall, though, I'm proud I bit the bullet and went 'brave'. I think I can finally say it: I'm a convert to red!



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