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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Camping Essentials - with added pup!

We're going on a Great British Camping Holiday this weekend and these are some of my picks to make it a little more comfortable and to add to the fun! It will be Ayra's first ever trip to the beach and I'm so so so excited.

Perfect parkas

ASOS faux fur coat
£81 -

ASOS coat
£52 -

ASOS hooded coat
£58 -

These are my dream-world picks from ASOS. I love a good Parka because they're just so versatile - they can be lighter like the first one, and therefore great for festival evenings and walks along the beach, or they can be thicker but still stylish in some really flattering colours like the other two, great for colder evenings around the fire or if the English heavens open on us.

I think every country girl's dream is to own a pair of Hunters! I love love love these as you can style them with some socks and wear them to festivals as well as on a daily dog walk. They're also currently on SALE in my size down to £68! The temptation is large.

Disregarding the dream world options above, I did actually go to Go Outdoors and splurge on LOADS of necessities. I got an ever-so-stylish mac-in-a-pac and loads of other little bits and bobs, including a sleeping bag for just £15 (obviously giving that to Tom in case it's rubbish) and lots of little cutlery bits too - I'll do a big post on all that soon as I also did a massive New Look splurge so if I'm brave enough I might do my first ever vlog on those goodies!


I know that this is really not exciting for anyone who doesn't have a dog and is actually meant for fishing I think, but I'm most scared about the sandy muddy pup I'm about to share a tent with, and this can easily transform into a portable fold-away bath for her, genius! It's from amazon and is only £12.99 which is a bargain to not be covered in all her mess.

How cute is this?! It's from PetsPyjamas and means you won't lose your buddy at nighttime in the campsite or on an evening stroll. Look how cute this labrador is. It's also only £12 and is fleece lined so your pup is cosy too.

PetsPyjamas also has the really cute BecoBowl which is a great little fold up way of feeding your pet when space is at a premium or for giving them a quick drink on a hot day. Also, the colours are hella cute and it's only £5.99.

Finally, there are these really sweet doggy blankets, both made to order. The first strawberry-themed piece of deliciousness is by Creature Clothes and comes in at £15, a bargain for such a bright, fun blanket. I would be wearing this on my knee, not Ayra. The second doggy snuggler is by Hugo & Hennie and is £25, but would look fab in your home not just at the campsite!

Those are just a few of my camping picks, but I promise I'll get my shopping haul up ASAP too! Fingers crossed for nice weather for us this weekend pleeeeeeease!


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