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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Day Two

Yesterday was a day of house viewings, stressful life decisions and beautiful puppy walks. It was also the day we had to give my aunt's dog, Janey, back to her after looking after her for two weeks while she was on holiday. I loved her and I'm sad!

We started the day by taking Janey and Ayra on a gorgeous walk through the misty fields, all covered in dew. We saw rabbits and deer and it was beautiful, we were the first people to walk across the fields that day and I just felt so, so lucky to live in the countryside.

Breakfast was a variation on yesterday's theme.
A toasted granary bap with beans and scrambled egg. Protein-y and delicious, and it meant I wasn't hungry until 2pm.

By that time, though, I was Ravenous with a capital R, so I chomped on carrot sticks whilst feverishly waiting for my chicken to COOK, ALREADY. I'd been out viewing the cutest little cottage that I just adored and the stress of deciding whether to rent it or not had brought on some serious hanger.

What turned out to be Linner was just a simple chicken breast cooked in the oven, seasoned with salt, pepper, mixed herbs, garlic powder and a little olive oil. I had it with a mixed salad - not on purpose - it was going to be bog-standard iceberg but it ran out, so it became iceberg-and-spinach-leaves, with pepper, red onion and a little thousand island dressing. Delicious!

Afterwards I really, really wanted chocolate. Like. A LOT. But the thought of posting a picture of it after all that greenery brought on guilt, so instead I had a packet of raisins, dried cherry and almonds and a cuppa. And you know what? It worked! The craving went!

In fact because my eating-times went so weird I didn't even want dinner. Is this what progress feels like?

I did, however, have a cheeky glass of white wine around I feel guilty? No! It was Friday, goddamnit!

The real test will be tonight, when Tom and I go out for dinner in Browns, Oxford. It's our first date night since getting Ayra and I'm ever so excited to dress up and not be covered in dog hair and wearing hiking boots for a change. Tom's step-brother and his lovely wife are having her for the night and I'm just so, so excited. But what on earth will I order that won't throw me off the wagon?!

If you have any suggestions please share!


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