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Monday, 3 August 2015

Days 3 & 4: Breaking All The Rules

I failed this weekend. Totally and utterly! But you know what? I'm ok about it, and I'm not off to buy a big bar of chocolate and give up totally like I normally would. I am, I think, progressing as a human and almost-adult type person.

Saturday morning began with a lazy shower while Tom walked Ayra (bliss) and our first ever puppy training class. We're taking her to k9playtimeacademy and I think it's going to be great! There were some lovely, lovely other dogs there, including a Border Collie pup called Charlie (my HEART), a labradoodle pup called Gina (cute as a button) and two lovely older dogs, a boxer named Roger and a rescue lab cross called Huckleberry. Huckleberry! Isn't that brilliant? Ayra had a wonderful time meeting all the pups and learnt lots and now we have homework to do so eek, I must not forget to do that or I will get severe lashings from all for being a terrible dog owner.

Afterwards we popped to the flat to pick up some bits and I exchanged breakfast for a mango smoothie from Costa. SO. YUM. Why have I not tried one before? Delish delish delish. We had a busy afternoon visiting Tom's friend Gary who is leaving for a year in Australia this week. His family were holding a BBQ for the occasion and we brought along Ayra and everyone was just so, SO lovely, not minding if she begged for food or pottered around the house or anything! Gary's dad did not let my glass go empty once, he was just such such a sweetheart, and even popped to Co-op to pick up treats for Ayra specially! It was just the sweetest, kindest thing.

Then came the time that I was dreading - dropping Ayra off with the pupsitters. Now. I spend pretty much 24/7 with my pup, and she has become my furry child. Tom's stepbrother James and his gorgeous wife Steph said they'd look after her for our first night "off" so we at least know them really really well, as does Ayra, and she loves them and their fab working cocker, Bayley. We dropped her off and I wobbled and wobbled, but Ayra was so busy leaping on Bayley and having a hoot of a time that she didn't even notice us leaving! Tom sternly told me in the car that if I cried I would have to walk home as I was being ridiculous, but I just flapped a lot and said that I had something in my eye.

Tom was SUCH a cutie booking us a table at Browns, Oxford - I LOVE Browns as it's just such a lovely vibe, there's a piano there and it's just set out really traditionally and is just lovely. The only problem was that the only salad options I didn't like half the ingredients! So I ended up cheating and ordering a burger, just without the bun. That isn't SO bad right?!

The cheese-coated mushroom top and chips probably weren't the best thing for my waistline though...

Tom treated himself to a steak which looked yummy and it was just a really nice meal, although I kept having hot flushes and wished we could have sat outside so I could cool down!

Wearing a rather boobalicious dress from ASOS and one of my mum's old blazers.

Check me out, awkwardly smiling with teeth just for you guys. I HATE my smile, I feel like SUCH an idiot the minute a camera is on me and do this ridiculous Chandler face but I'm working on it, I promise.

We then had cocktails the size of my head and went on to the oldest tavern in Oxford after a walk around town to see the college I'm off to in September (!!). Lots of wine was had, mmm, and we had a lovely long chat about life and growing up which was so nice, as being in separate homes has been hard work for our relationship.

We went back to the flat and put on The Office (UK) on Netflix with a bottle of wine between us and I fell asleep curled up in Tom's lap and it was wonderful.

Day 4 of healthy eating was just not happening, though, as I woke up hungover and missing my pup! We went to pick up Ayra and stopped off for another mango smoothie from Costa on the way for breakfast, but I skipped lunch for dinner at the Riverside with Tom - it was such a lovely lovely evening but quite a long wait for food and I ended up ordering ham, egg and chips so that is TWO helpings of chips in one weekend, and a berry cider to top it off. We went for a walk along the river to finish off a lovely weekend together and met some lovely pups on our plod, but this morning I was feeling food guilt to the nth degree. I am trying to make up for all the alcohol and grease with glass after glass of water but I can still feel it all in the very pores of my skin!

I'm trying to be sensible though - I know that "cheat" days are going to happen and all things considered, mine could have been worse. Life is for living and I managed to turn down pudding all weekend so if that doesn't deserve a hungover pat on the back then I don't know what does.


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