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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Recent Etsy Buys

I am an Etsy fiend. I love that goddamn site with its cute little doodles and personalised gifts. I know that notonthehighstreet has become a bit of a family favourite recently, but Etsy is where my heart will forever lie (partly because I have my own shop there), but MOSTLY because I love how interactive you are with the person who actually makes your item. That one-to-one exchange of messages, of knowing where the product comes from, is just so heart-warming in these faceless megastore times.

So, I thought what better than to write a post of my recent purchases?

If I EVER have an occasion coming up where a gift is required - birthdays, engagements, just-because presents - Etsy is where I will look first, as I know I will be able to find something cute and unique and that 9 times out of 10 I will be supporting a small business too.

It was my old housemate's birthday last week and I could not resist getting him this FANTASTIC card.

He is, like so many of us, a Beyonce fangirl, and I just love it. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS. It's by WeArePaperPlane and you can pick up one for yourself here for £2.75. It came with some really cute stickers and a thank you note too which was a lovely touch.

It was also my bff's long-awaited graduation two weeks ago, meaning she is FINALLY not a medical student but a goddamn Junior Doctor! That is so official and grown up it is scary, but I am ever so proud of her for getting to where she is today. I sent her a few goodies as a congrats and Etsy was, of course, where I headed to first. I got her the cutest little set of medical-themed magnets for her fridge all the way from America, but unfortunately the maker is on holiday so I can't link to them at the mo, sad face. I did, however, also get her this fab, slightly macabre card:

Isn't it great?! I love the detail. It's by DBIllustrations and you can grab one here for £2.50.

I also got her this gorgey porgey bracelet which I only didn't steal for myself because my own wrist was too fat for it. Lame.

It's by lilabelledesign and costs £18.88. Grab one here if you fancy it yourself!

My latest purchase (finally for me!) was the layout for this very blog! It's called 'Peppermint' and is by EclairDesign. I love it as it's not tooooo girly, but is still fresh and clean which I think is so important for a blog. I can't deal with too many distractions at once!

The download was very straightforward and came with detailed, helpful instructions. EclairDesign also make the header for you free of charge with your own blog name, which was a great touch. I'm in love with it!

Have any of you bought from Etsy recently? What were your favourite buys?



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