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Monday, 24 August 2015

Weymouth Camping Holiday

It has been SUCH a busy few weeks and I have neglected this poor little space of the internet! But, I finally feel like I've enjoyed a bit of summer holiday which is a bit of a relief - I had started to feel grumpy and a hater of my fellow humans as I jealously scrolled through my facebook feed filled with pictures of Ibiza and Bali.

Screw that, though, because we went on a Great British Camping Holiday (there should definitely be a TV show of that presented by Mel and Sue) to Bagwell Farm near Weymouth and had a FANTASTIC time.

We spent about 3 hours driving down and the clouds were grey and miserable, so me and Tom were thinking a lot about how sucky it is to put up a tent in the rain, but when we got to Bagwell it held off for us which was a positive sign of things to come! Bagwell Farm is such a lovely little campsite, full of families, and dog-friendly which is a must for us, complete with some pretty swish new showers and toilets and a really handy little shop. There's also the Red Barn if you'd like someone else to cook you a hot meal, with a bar too, so it really does have everything you could possibly need! It was such a great little find, nestled in the slope between two hills with a view of the sea in the distance. The sunsets were just gorgeous.

When we got to our pitches we realised that they were HUGE and we could definitely have fitted both mine and Tom's tent AND Steph and James's into one pitch alone instead of two, but it was great to have all that room to play a hilarious game of cricket later on that weekend. We got busy putting up our tents - a true test of any relationship I feel - and unpacking all of our blankets and clothes, and let the dogs meet and fall in love again. They were just the sweetest things watching us put up our tents with bemused looks on their faces, wagging madly whenever anyone paid them the slightest bit of attention. I hope Bayley and Ayra fall in love and have beautiful ginger puppies some day.

We then had a lovely evening eating sausages from the barby and drinking cider as the sun set - just heaven! Ayra was a snuggly pup on my lap all evening, and even though I was really worried about her being too cold at night time (Remember how freezing it gets at night time when you're camping? No, I didn't either. It's bloody Arctic.) but when her little pile of doggy blankets and hand-me-down baby rugs didn't do the job she crawled up and snuggled in between me and Tom so we were three roasty toasty peas in a pod.

Saturday was the day I'd been particularly excited about - Ayra's first time on a beach! We drove through some beautiful windy country lanes and found a village that we all want to move to as it's so, so pretty. It has lovely little pubs and places offering afternoon tea with flowers and ivy covering the shopfronts, and picture-postcard houses wherever you looked. It's called Abbotsbury and you will find me there in my old age pottering around with an ice cream in hand.

When we got to the beach we discovered it was shingly, but the dogs LOVED it, running around like absolute mad things whilst we slowly waded our way along after them. The view was amazing and it was lovely and sunny despite some rather ominous-looking clouds in the distance.

Ayra found the shingle difficult to walk on and she kept trying to eat it, so we made a swift detour to try to find a sandy dog-friendly beach that might suit her better. Harder to find than you'd think when you have no phone reception.

We made it to Weymouth itself and had the most wonderful lunch at a dog-friendly cafe right by the beach with ice cream milkshakes and amazing cakes! The inside was just gorgeous, so quaint and pretty with whitewashed walls and loads of light streaming in, but we thought it best to keep the pups outside so that we didn't disturb anyone else enjoying their lunch.

We then took the pups on the section of beach at Weymouth where dogs are allowed. It was CHAOS. Just so many dogs running around such a small area, but there were so many beautiful breeds and the beach itself was lovely and sandy. I was terrified Ayra would run off and steal a family's picnic (which she nearly did), but it did mean she could finally get down to the sea! The shingly beach had had too steep a drop to the sea itself to even try, but she got to paddle in here which was a mixture of exciting and terrifying I think. She also tried to drink it which she immediately regretted. Meanwhile Bayley, fearless as ever, ran in and out after every pebble James threw for him and came out resembling more of a ginger seal with his tongue hanging out than a dog.

Afterwards the pups were knackered so we plodded back through Weymouth to the car doing a little shopping on the way. We also discovered that salted caramel ice cream is a thing and is THE GREATEST THING EVER.

We topped up on BBQ essentials (cider) at Lidl and got some pup treats from Pets At Home before making our way back to the camp site. It was only about 2pm and we'd fitted in a whole day's activities! So we drank our cheap cider and played a hilarious game of cricket (we were all rubbish) on our massive camping pitch while the dogs whined at us for not letting them join in.

We finished the day with the most beautiful sunset walk down from Bagwell to the sea - or so we thought, but the sea was actually deceptively far away - so instead made our way through some ridiculously picturesque hay fields to some salt-water lakes where the dogs paddled (Bayley swam) and James and Tom competed in skimming stones across the still water of the lake like 8-year-old boys. We headed back, exhausted pups in tow, for another stonking BBQ and a lot of cheap cider with a few "Would you rather..." games thrown into the mix.

Sunday was a sad start because we knew we were leaving. We had had the best British summer holiday and I was cross that work was a thing people had to go to and we couldn't just stay camping in a field forever. However, it was Bayley's birthday! So we had to celebrate of course...

Ayra looks evil because she had the elastic caught in her mouth and approximately 0.2 seconds after this photo was taken she pulled down her hat and ripped it to shreds. I don't entirely blame her.

Bagwell Farm hosts a car boot every Saturday and Sunday until 2pm so after we'd packed up our tents (me and Tom broke ours so it remained popped open in the boot taking away all vision) we had a browse and considered buying lots of things that we didn't really need. We took the dogs to a doggy cafe we had heard great things about, but upon arrival found it was really overpriced for food and extremely busy. £20 for a crab sandwich? No thank you. However the beach was lovely and sandy and allowed dogs so we spent a lovely few hours playing, being hit by sand as the dogs dug and covered us in sea water when they tried to shake themselves dry

We went on for our final classic British meal of the holiday - fish and chips in a nearby harbour town. A last taste of salted caramel ice cream to top it off and it was time to say goodbye to Weymouth and Bagwell Farm.

Who needs to go abroad anyway?


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