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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

I toyed with whether to write this post or not for ages as it seems a little...spoilt, somehow?! But I really hope that instead it comes across as just grateful.

I turned 24 last week! Bah humbug I'm so so terribly old. But I was treated so wonderfully by friends and family with some lovely gifts, gorgeous cards and kind and funny messages. I felt so touched by the luuuurve!

Tom stayed over at my parent's house in Lechlade the night before so that was so so nice to wake up with him, and Ayra had the best morning of her life pretty much ripping up wrapping paper and envelopes! She literally had such a hoot it was hilarious.

I finally got round to taking some photos of my gifts yesterday so these are toooootally delayed, and all the chocolate is long gone cos I ain't no fool, but I really was so spoilt and am so grateful to everyone for their kindness.

I received some deeeelicious Cava and Rose wine which I can't wait to sample this weekend ;) I also got a top up of my favourite scent - Nina by Nina Ricci - I just love that fruity floral smell and the apple-shaped bottle is so cute on my nightstand. I'm SO excited about my new Vegetable Spiralizer too (hi adulthood) which is SUPER lame of me but I CARE NOT. I have been making courgetti spaghetti by hand and it is soooo long-winded and not at all proper, but this? This is the gadget. I've always loved wandering around kitchenware shops and lusting after all the cool gadgets and gimmicks but I have never ever been well-off enough to justify investing in any. But now? I have one! I'm gonna spiralize everything. Every meal will be spiral-centric. I cannot wait.

My mum also got me this cute little 2015/2016 diary which started in August, so it will be perfect for my PGCE course as it will run through the academic year from start to finish! It's also so so sweet in design, has a page per day which is ESSENTIAL for all my scribblings and to-do lists, and has a handy little envelope fold at the back to put stray notes and bits and bobs in - so useful. I also got some multi-coloured board pens so I'll be the most stylish and funky teacher-in-training in town.

My brother came through with a book (always needed) and a recommended Swedish television series, Jordskott, so I can't wait to put my feet up and check them out. I'll let you know if they're as addictive as I fear they might be.

Soap and Glory have always been a brand I've lusted after - I love their fab vintage inspired packaging and gorgeous smelling products, but as a student they've been a luxury I've not ever allowed myself. So it was an extra sweet treat when my lovely friend Carly got me this set! I am so so excited to smell as delicious as these products do!

She also totally spoiled me with the cutest pencil case ready for starting at school and my very own special teacher pen. Ahhhh I'm so stupidly excited to do marking aha. I also got a little sign declaring my love for my pup, which I will be keeping on my desk right next to my mug of tea thank you very much!

The lovely Steph and James (previously featured in my Weymouth holiday post here) also got me some DIVINE Thorntons chocs which I definitely ate for breakfast on my birthday morning (yum) and this gorgeous rustic little candle holder - anyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for a candle and homeware in general and it's going to look so cute in our new little cottage when we move in a few weeks! I am a lucky gal.

My gorgeous friend April also spoilt me with some Argan Oil products which smell INCREDIBLE. I just love that coconut-y smell, it's amazing. I'm going to soak in the bath, oiled up and fully moisturised, sipping Prosecco very shortly. That is the dream.

Parentals also splurged on some more stationary and a £50 voucher for my local beauty salon! Treat treat treat. I don't know what treatments I'm going to go for yet but when things get stressful when uni starts up I know where I'll be headed.

Last but definitely not least, Tom was a complete gem. He bought me some Hunter wellies! Remember when I was lusting over some here?! Well he only went and bloody got some! I was so surprised and so grateful, they are just what I wanted! How did he know?!

I stupidly forgot to photograph them when they were all gorgey porgey and new and they are already muddy from dog walks and Reading Festival but they are the best thing ever. He also bought me this beautiful delicate silver bracelet which is just divine and I have not even photographed this well but I bloody LOVE it and never ever want to take it off. EVER.

It's so, so delicate and pretty. I'll try to remember to photograph it on and not get too much of my arm fat involved.

So yes, everyone I love was lovely to me, and I am all hearts and smiles! We had a Colin the Caterpillar cake because what other cake do people even have on their birthdays anyway?! We had a takeaway curry for tea so I rolled to bed a very happy, well-fed girly, and haven't much stopped eating ever since! I am supposed to be running a 5k for Cancer Research this Saturday, the Pretty Muddy version with obstacles, and I literally just got out of breath running upstairs. All I've done recently is eat curry and cake. What was I thinking?! Wish me luck!



  1. Happy birthday for yesterday!! I love reading what people have either done or received for their birthdays and i don't think it comes across as spoilt at all!xx

    1. Oh thank you! It's always such a worry when doing a post like this that it's a bit too look-at-me. Thank you for your reassurance!

  2. Happy belated birthday, you received such lovely gifts! I have to say though, I am very jealous of that spiralizer ha! I really want one!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! I know, the spiralizer is the coolest thing I've owned in a long time. Courgetti spaghetti is where it's at!


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