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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How to Have The Best Movie Night *SPONSORED*

Now, I may have only just turned 24, but I feel like an old lady. Me and Tom are currently saving ready for the deposit on the cottage we're moving into in a matter of weeks, and with my course at Oxford starting any day now I am forking out left right and centre for books, stationary and bus passes, so money is tight. Gone are the days when we can afford to go out every weekend – puppysitter permitting – and instead we're rocking the stay-in-and-drink-wine-and-watch-Breaking-Bad-in-our-pants kind of thang. Sometimes this makes me feel old and like we're maybe missing out, but mostly it makes me feel very, very happy.

So, when Panasonic approached me asking me to put together a How to Have The Best Movie Night post, I rubbed my hands together with glee and began to envisage my perfect Friday/Saturday Night In.

Step 1. Take off your underwear.
I don't care who you are, movie nights are for pjs and comfort food and no one does comfort whilst wearing a bra. Get that thing off pronto.

Step 2. Make sure no one is going to nag you begging you to go out.
Turn off your phone, say you have plans, lie and say your busy – it doesn't matter, no one will ultimately remember to be offended once they're sozzled in the club anyhoo – and relax in the knowledge that this night is ALL ABOUT YOU.

Step 3. Arrange a greasy takeaway delivery.
No one wants to cook or wash up when you're having your Perfect Night In. Ugh, can you imagine? Getting up after a cosy 3 hours to WASH UP?! NO. My delivery of choice would always be a curry, but pizza is also MADE for movie nights, and a Chinese ain't too shabby either. Today, calories don't count. Indulge. Mondays are for the guilt and regret, not now.

Step 4. SNACKS.
Snacks make a movie night. My personal favourite is always toffee popcorn or sweet if I'm trying to be slightly less indulgent – it's just so pop-in-the-mouth-able. Be a better person than me and make your own, even.

Flamin' hot doritos are also the bomb as long as you have heaps of salsa dip, and if you're clever and keep guacamole, cheese and jalapenos in your kitchen (and if you do, you're my hero) then you can also rustle up your own nachos platter. Melted cheese is obviously the source of all joy in the world so load up those babies.

I'm also a huge fan of the Cadbury's share bag offerings (otherwise known as Chloe-sized, I do not share) which come in so many varieties there just has to be one that takes your fancy, and which are also often on deal for just £1. There is nothing better than reclining on your sofa, wine or cider in hand, with your boyfriend and your dog and a big bag of Dairy Milk Buttons. HEAVEN.

Step 5. Make sure your TV is half decent and ready for a movie marathon.

After being a student and suffering through TV-via-the-internet for three years, and debating countless times over the pros and cons of getting a House TV and forking out for a TV License, I actually bloody love having one now that I'm a proper person again. My TV at my parent's house is a wall-mounted Panasonic, and I genuinely feel like a movie star when I watch it. After all these years of being TV-less, having a 42-inch wall-mounted telly where I don't even need to move my head to watch it, I can just lie on my bed as a total sponge, is INCREDIBLE. At the new cottage we are renting so wall-drilling is a big no-no and we're going to have to invest in a TV stand, but I love the quality of my TV, and this is coming from someone who really doesn't give all that much of a damn about electronics. When I stay at the flat with Tom and his TV – well, it sucks. It only works through the PS4 and the sound is crap and the screen quality is pathetic and it actually makes a real difference to your enjoyment of a movie – something I've always poo-poo'd in the past! Panasonic have discontinued my telly for some super swish new versions including this new 4K Ultra HD TV, which basically means it fits four times as many pixels into the screen than Full HD does. I'm not entirely sure what that means in reality other than everything will be mind-blowingly sharp in detail and I will be able to see every flaw in celebrities' skin in full blown multi-colour depth and detail, which I'm stoked about.

Step 6. Choose your poison.

I don't mean alcohol. Maaaybe I mean alcohol. No, I don't, but a cider on a cold Autumn eve sure as heck helps.

No, I mean choose your film wisely. No one wants to cosy up ready to while away their night in total relaxation only to watch a total dud. IMDB it before you commit! Sometimes they get it wrong but lots of the time they get it right.

I am a huge fan of scary movies, which often are scored really really low, but there are some crackers out there, just make sure you read the review and watch the trailer first. Although, obviously, no spoilers.

Alternatively, Netflix an entire TV series and lose track of your own reality by merging into the one on-screen. Not great for the soul or if you plan on sleeping, but so addictive and you really do get such a sense of achievement when you've given your all to a world and its characters. I now hate watching a series any other way – I totally lose patience having to wait a week for new episodes. My bad. Me and Tom love The Office (UK and US), Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black. Beware, if your partner or pal watch ahead without you, it will end your relationship.

Step 7. Beautify.

This is YOUR time. This is your one chance of the week to chill out and throw away the shackles of owing anything to anyone else – be it your time, your attention, or your money. Turn your phone off, do that face mask you've been meaning to do for weeks, moisturise, and paint your toenails. Do all of those little 'Me' things that there isn't time for when you're rushing to work or running after other people. Wrap yourself up in your dressing gown or a blanket and do them all, and take your time doing them. You will feel so much better for it.

Step 8. Crawl into bed in the early hours of the morning, satisfied and content.

You will feel relaxed, indulged, and invigorated. Your feet will not be hurting from hours of dancing in heels in sweaty nightclubs. Your hair will not stink of smoke. Your purse will not be empty thanks to that round of tequila you totally thought you could afford. You will have potentially spent some quality time with your partner, friends or other loved ones, where you didn't have to shout over pumping music to be heard and yet no one was wearing any underwear. Pretty great, huh?

*Post sponsored by Panasonic. All content and opinions are my own.* 


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