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Friday, 23 October 2015

Apologies! And my homeware wishlist...


I am the worst attempt at a 'blogger' in the world - it has been a ridiculously long time since I posted - maybe six weeks?! That's how long I've been at Oxford doing my course, anyway, so it feels that long (or longer) even if it isn't! I've just been so so busy, organising pup sitters for Ayra whilst I'm at uni, completing my assignments with the massive pressure of it being Oxford, attending various bizarre events and ceremonies for said uni, and starting my first school placement. I literally have not stopped. It is finally, finally, pseudo-half-term though, which means I get three days off, wooooo! I plan on putting my feet up, going on long, leisurely walks with pup, and sorting out my teaching files with some blog catching-up thrown in in-between! I have this horrid complex at the moment about students finding my little corner of the internet, too, which I think has put me off posting as much as not finding the time does anyone else cope with this? With wanting to promote your blog and your writing, but avoiding it showing up in 'the wrong hands' and in any way jeopardising your professionalism? I'd love to know your secrets!

Amongst all of the aforementioned busy-ness, me and Tom and Ayra have all also moved house! We adore our cute little cottage; it has super thick walls and window seats and a little white kitchen and alcoves on either side of the fireplace and it's just so us. I love it. Ayra loves it, too, as she's allowed everywhere, and comes to snuggle on our bed upstairs every morning, and has her best friend, Eva the Golden Retriever, around the corner to play with too! They are the cutest ever together.

It is, however, incredible how much stuff you seem to need when you move. You think you own everything you could ever possibly need, but then you arrive somewhere new and get your sofa and your cutlery in and pile up all your clothes, and suddenly there's a million niggly little bits that you're missing that make life infinitely easier/nicer. So, in the spirit of counting down to Christmas, here are some home bits that I would absolutely LOVE.

I love love love filling my house with candles, the big white kind that belong in churches, with chunky stems that flicker warm yellow light around a room. Our cute cottage gets suuuuper cold at night while we try to save pennies and hold off on putting on the heating, so I can totally excuse them as a necessity. However, because I like the cream coloured ones best, I like to find interesting candle holders to make them more of a feature.

The first selection, the Geometric brass piece from Geofleur is soooo cute and also has 15% off due to approaching Halloween! I want.
The second, also from Etsy, by UKAmobile is gorrrrgeous and solid brass and sits nice and tall. It's also vintage/antique, yum. I want it for Christmas.
Last but not least is the Gia Candlestick Holder which just looks lovely and ornate. I feel like it's a very pretty, but grown up, piece. It's also currently on sale!

Keeping with the light theme is this cute as a button moon light by ButtonOwlBoutique. It's listed as a kids' light but I want this in my bedroom ASAP. Also, CLOUD LIGHT/CUSHION?!

HOW. SICK. IS THIS?! Like, this is the suavest motherfuckin' dog bed I ever did see. The day I can afford this for lil Ayra is the day I have MADE it, yo'!

For real, though, I love this. And you can have it totally customised and made to your pets' exact size/specifications, and it is retro and cool and makes me want to go and own a loft in New York. It's pricey at £150 smackers but when I'm rich and famous Courtesy of PROJECTrodrigo - well played, chaps.

Is it sad to get a big 'A' made for Ayra? It is? I CARE NOT.

Super cute fabric options from LilyMaeDesign available here.

That's the non-Christmas part of my wishlist as it stands right now anyhoo. I'm honestly finding it so hard to contain myself, I just keep buying little trinkets and bits and bobs, like a kitchen compost bin and a new pasta jar, which aren't at all exciting but will greatly improve my day to day life. Nesting is fun but so expensive!



  1. This is such a lovely haul! I really love that copper candle holder, copper is my favourite thing at the moment xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Me too! I think I'm going to end up asking for all copper-y things for Christmas!

  2. Nice Inspirations

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