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Friday, 6 November 2015

Missguided Haul

Uni is hard at the moment and the diet's not going well, and I feel like I live in perpetual darkness since the clocks changed, so I decided last weekend that what I needed (as an oh-so-affluent student...) was some retail therapy.

There was a big discount on Missguided which lessened as the hours passed, encouraging me to get a wriggle on, and I used that, combined with the Sale section, to grab a bunch of absolute bargains!

Here's what I got...

I picked these as a) they look comfy b) they will still be appropriate come summer and c) they're cute. I like that they're high waisted and look like fancy nice trousers but are actually technically joggers and thus, COMFORT. So into that. Also, currently £12. £12!!!

I was after some work appropriate wear during this shopping splurge, and I thought that these looked fancy enough to make the cut. However, I hate when my 'work' clothes are super tight and clingy and I feel like I can't bend over to pick up a pen or indulge in lunch. These are jersey and therefore full of floaty goodness. Also, I think this rust colour is lovely and autumnal but isn't too scary or 'out there' enough for the kids I teach to make fun of me. To my face, anyhoo.
Also, again, only £12!

I have been slacking in the exercise department whilst life has been dawdling in the Totally Manically Stressful Zone. I don't think I even fit in my normal leggings anymore. But when I was browsing, these looked sturdy and not-see-through (my major issue with all leggings/yoga pants in life) and are only £10. I feel like if you have the gear it makes you want to slog up the road to that gym a wee bit more. Next step: colourful jazzy exercise tops that DO NOT show my midriff. Do these exist?? Stay tuned.

My last lil bargain was this dress. At Oxford there seems to be a ball or a formal every week (there actually literally is) and I have quickly run out of dresses that are appropriate (i.e. long) but which also allow me to eat (i.e. they're not too tight). I like the floaty-ness of this number and I actually bought the belt that they styled it with too as I thought that glammed it up nicely. Again, this dress was £10!! Bargain.

What do you think of my haul? Have you seen any bargains on Missguided recently? 


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  1. I love the comfy pants you got, they're a necessity. I have to say my favourite is your formal gown - gorgeous! Mia x


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