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Monday, 28 December 2015


What a Merry bloody Christmas!

I've been terrible with my blogging, as per, but I'm hoping to get a new laptop in the sales WITH A WEBCAM so hopefully I can get on that vlogging hypeeee. I love love love our little cottage, too, but the lighting is terrible for photos and videos. I keep toying with investing in one of them light box thingys but they seem a bit scary and technical for lil old me who doesn't know at all what she's doing.

Me and Tom and Ayra had the most wonderful wee Crimbo. It was the first year that Tom had Christmas lunch with my family and it was soooo nice having him there to hang out with. It was also Ayra's first ever Christmas! So weird to think that that little peanut didn't even exist this time last year. She had SUCH a lovely day and was RIDICULOUSLY spoilt by me and Tom and both of our families - we will literally not have to buy her a thing for at least 3 months. We have toys and treats coming out of our ears.

If anyone has any advice on lighting or best cameras for vlogging and regular blogging then please do pop me a message! I hope everyone's Christmas was happy and healthy and full of good family and friends. I hope you've also all gained as much weight as me!!

I'll leave you with Ayra, all tuckered out and full of her own Christmas lunch, after her first ever Christmas day!


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