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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Canines, Felines and Other Lovable Beasts as Your Work Companions

Today's post is a guest post from the fantastic Olivia Jones from High Style Life. All about a cause I feel so passionate about - bringing your pets to work! A massive thank you to Olivia for this article.

Imagine a world where you walk into your office with your pooch by your side, and you are welcomed by an almost jungle-like room full of friendly creatures of all shapes and sizes, happily grooming, wagging and napping next to their hooman parents.  

While this may be slightly far-fetched for the time being (don’t mind the pun), all animal lovers around the US and the UK can look forward to the Take Your Pet To Work Week, starting on June 19th, or at least a single day designated for the same occasion, on June 23rd, if their business participates in this wonderful event.

Friendly team builders

No white-water rafting or hiking can compare to the power of puppy eyes that brings people together. Apparently, those who are allowed to take their four-legged pal to work are more likely to interact with their colleagues, build a stronger bond and cooperation more efficiently.

Having your companion around is a sure-fire way to inspire greater morale and support among your team members, enjoy your collaboration much more, and not to mention that their overwhelming cuteness will always serve as a perfect conversation-starter, even when you have to work overtime on the dullest project ever.

Emotional comrades



It’s already well-known that our pets make us feel warm and fuzzy and provide us with much-needed support and affection that affects our mental state in the long-run. In fact, pet owners have been shown to handle life’s challenges much better, and our little companions keep depression and anxiety at bay.

This translates equally well to our work hours and challenges of our daily responsibilities. Having your pet near, not just for a day or a week but during the whole year, can make a huge difference in helping you cope with your personal and professional setbacks and difficulties.




Another wonderful perk of taking your pooch to the office is that they will inevitably improve your well-being. A simple errand such as obtaining dog supplies during your lunch or coffee break will get you moving and thus boost your mood, increase your productivity and improve your focus.
Simply taking your mind off a task and having a few minutes to take care of your pet can significantly affect the level of your efficiency during the day – petting them lowersyour blood pressure, their presence has a soothing effect and they inspire you to take better care of yourself. Instead of sitting for 8 consecutive hours, you can take a brief walk, get a breath of fresh air and come back with your energy levels replenished!

Little stress-relievers


No matter what your job entails, there is a certain level of stress each and every one of us has to tackle on a daily basis. However, a study has shown that your canine companion can do wonders for lowering your stress levels, improving your motivation and even increasing your overall job satisfaction simply by being with you during work hours!

Moreover, those who are allowed to bring their pet to work are more likely to stay loyal to a company, while more than a half of employees in not animal-friendly environments would be more likely to stay if they were allowed to bring their pets to the office.

Your pets benefit, too



An equally relevant reason for companies to consider introducing a pet-friendly policy is animal well-being, too. Instead of leaving your furry (or feathery) friends alone, or with a stranger, which significantly affects their happiness and health, if you are able to spend the entire day by their side, they will be less stressed, anxious or even depressed.

Our animal companions are emotional creatures, and they crave your presence and attention as much as you enjoy theirs. A pet-friendly working environment is a decision that will even inspire employees to stay after hours and invest a bit more time and energy into the company, as they no longer have to hurry home to see and take care of their loved ones, including pets.

In addition to the “take your pet to work” initiatives, all of these, and many more benefits of a pet-friendly office are inspiring an increasing number of employers to allow a work environment with your animal companions by your side during the entire year. Let’s hope that in the near future, we will create a working culture with pets that will no longer be an exception, but a widely accepted and loved practice.


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