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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Pawbo *sponsored post*

As a working pet owner, one of the main issues you face is guilt. In a perfect world I would be at home with Ayra all the time, but sadly for the majority of pet owners that is just not a feasible reality. I have bills to pay, with rent being the biggest expenditure, and making sure Ayra is safe and warm and sheltered is part of that. That doesn't mean leaving your pet whilst you go to work ever stops sucking, and it really does make me feel guilty every day.

We are lucky to be surrounded by a really great support network; my mum has Ayra two days a week and Tom's step mum also helps us out loads and often at short notice. But for three (sometimes four) days a week we rely on a petsitter. We have had several petsitters and have finally found the best fit for us; she is excellent, she loves the dogs she walks and Ayra adores her. Ayra is taken for a two hour walk in the middle of the day with a group of other canine companions she gets to play and socialise with. It means she gets out and about, has the chance to go to the toilet and stretch her legs, and it stops me worrying about her being left at home quite so much. It breaks up her day and means she's not on her own.

However, when Pawbo approached me about their wireless interactive pet camera, I leapt at the chance. No matter how much I trust my dog or my petsitter, there is something about leaving your pet that keeps you worrying. They are a member of your family, and there are so many horror stories about burglaries, house fires, irresponsible dog walkers and the like, that you can't help but feel that niggle of concern. Was she really ok all day? Was she being walked for the time we thought she was? Was she distressed being left? Was she barking? Now was the time to find out...

When the Pawbo system arrived I was first off impressed with the style of the device. A smooth, white egg-shaped piece of kit, it is small and light weight enough to fit into the smallest home space, but futuristic enough to impress visitors as a great bit of tech!

The gadget is also super user-friendly with clear instructions both on the box and inside. You simply plug in the charger, hold down a button and wait for the speaker to talk you through what to do next. Downloading the app is super straight forward and all of the steps are easy as pie!

Pawbo has loads of great interactive features - I was purely excited about the remote video aspect; the idea of being able to check in on Ayra quickly whilst on my lunch break was so exciting! But there are a myriad of features for every kind of pet owner - from treat dispensers and laser pointer games, to Two-Way Talk, where your pet can hear you too! What's great is that multiple users can connect to the device through the app, so Tom, my mum, Tom's family, they can all see what Ayra is up to at the click of their thumb. This also alleviates the responsibility being on one person and allows all of the people that love her to check in in case of an emergency. I think that that's such a fantastic idea!

I am lucky enough to currently be enjoying my summer holidays, but I know come September when I return to work I will be using Pawbo all of the time. It has already given me such piece of mind and Ayra seems to love it too!

Pawbo retails at £149 which, although it sounds pricey, is worth it for the piece of mind it provides. I spend £10 a day on a petsitter and this is the technological version of that - and one that I can access remotely whenever I need to using my phone. As our world becomes more and more digital, it makes sense to bring these same advances to the world of our beloved furry friends.


I will be uploading updated photos from Pawbo on my Twitter! Give me a follow to keep up to date.


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