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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Guru Pet Food and #DiscoverDogs

School is tough this year; losing my NQT frees and taking on additional responsibilities on top of some tricky groups of kids, has left me feeling like I'm pulling my hair out on multiple occasions! I've been working so hard, but teaching is a job that you can never "give enough" in - there is always something more you could do, more times you could mark, more hours you could spend on planning lessons. None of that necessarily makes you a better teacher - it just makes you more tired, and your work/life balance more and more skewed.

After a challenging first half term, therefore, I knew I needed to make the absolute most of my half term break. We started the weekend with a lovely walk around the forest at Long Hanborough, 10 minutes away in leafy Oxfordshire. Ayra was so thrilled to have me "back" for the week, available for cuddles and meandering, explorative walks whenever she wanted, instead of hurried, dark, early morning necessity-strolls. We ran and played throughout the trees, spotting deer through the shadows, and came home to share bacon sandwiches.

Ayra was also lucky enough to be sent some goodies from Guru Pet Food! She sampled their Cold Pressed Dog Food - which she loved; she crunched it all up in minutes - and their Field/Road trip chicken bones, which are a treat and a meal in one - perfect for day trips or long explorative walks when your pup needs a boost of energy.

To stick with the canine theme, and as therapy from the first 7 weeks of the school year, Tom very sweetly took me to Discover Dogs in London to cheer me up and to meet some lovely new breeds to really top off our Saturday. It opened at 10am and cost around £14 for a ticket online (it was slightly more expensive on the door). If you are planning on attending next year my main advice would be to arrive early as it got super busy super quickly.

We still had such a lovely day - we watched the Gundog judging show, the Scrufts show, and walked what felt like miles meeting so many lovely breeds! I have always been such an avid dog fan and it is always so exciting to meet new and unusual breeds and to talk to their owners and breed representatives. I am desperate for another puppy but it is not currently realistic with work committments - but I really recommend it as an event for families looking to find the perfect breed of dog for them and to ask key questions face-to-face with breeders and Kennel Club experts. I have my heart set on one day getting a brown and tan cocker spaniel, but I also love Bassett Griffon Vendeens, Italian Spinones, Irish Setters and the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. They were all represented at Discover Dogs and I was able to both meet dogs from each breed but also their owners, and ask realistic questions about exercise, training, behaviour and how well each breed would work with Ayra.

We didn't want Ayra to feel left out from our trip - unfortunately you cannot bring your own dog with you to Discover Dogs unless it is a service dog as quite frankly, it is far too busy as it is! Ayra therefore spent the day with Tom's parents, being thoroughly spoilt! We of course could still not resist grabbing her some goodies.

We picked up a pig's tail (which is just as gross as it sounds), some Greenies 'toothbrush' treats for her teeth, some Eukanuba food to try, and some amazing handmade biscuits which she ADORES!

We got three different flavours for her to try - Cheese, Gingerbread (as it's nearly Christmas!) and Peanut Butter and banana. The Little Pet Biscuit Company were super friendly on the stall and had a great deal if you bought 3 bags; the biscuits are all handmade with 100% natural ingredients, and with lots of the options also being gluten free. They smell great and Ayra honestly LOVES these so, so much as a special treat - they'd make a great Christmas gift too!

We had a wonderful doggy day overall - just what I needed to unwind. Ayra was definitely the dog who benefitted the most...but I reckon she deserves the spoiling.


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  1. Yayyy!!!
    So pleased you gave GURU a Paws Up Ayra!
    Sending Geekster kisses xx

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