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Sunday, 17 December 2017

5 Things I'd Do on a Return Trip to Gran Canaria *sponsored*

Years ago with an ex-boyfriend, we travelled to Gran Canaria for a cheap and cheerful holiday in the semi-sun. We put little to no thought into our trip pre-flight, did not research the best areas to go or activities to do, packed our suitcases and essentially - showed up.

As an adult, this is no longer how I holiday.

It could have been the memories of the flagging relationship, the lack of planning and research involved in the trip, or just the length of time that has passed since I visited, but I really don't think that we did much when we were there. We ate at English-tailored cafes by the sea front (where the football was always on for my other half), we tanned by the pool with Magnum ice creams, and ate crisps in our hotel room living room. Not the most exciting run-down I know, but honest!

So, it got me thinking - if I were to go back, what would I want to explore second time around?

*Health and safety warning - this post does contain pictures from 2012 - you have been warned*

Gran Canaria is undoubtedly a beautiful place. I remember touching down on the runway and being hit with that glorious I'm-officially-on-holiday heatwave. Even hopping on our bus to the hotel was a stream of palm trees and sea views.

These photos were quite literally taken on my 2012 iPod. On an IPOD!!!!

The place we stayed at was lovely for what we paid, and like I said, we spent a lot of time sunbathing, relaxing, reading and eating. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of holiday - in fact sometimes they are necessary for the soul, for your emotional well-being! The fact that we were secretly arguing every day is neither here nor there *insert gif of Kermit sipping tea here*

What's truly upsetting is the weight I have gained since this holiday - BUT, happiness = comfort and all that!

Anyway, like I said, the majority of our meals were in front of a television, watching football, with a beer and some kind of chips and sauce combo. There were no risks and no exciting new culinary delights. This photo is evidence:

So, the first thing I'd like to do on a return trip to Gran Canaria would be to visit Restaurante El Herreno in Las Palmas. Las Palmas is where the majority of people go and stay in Gran Canaria and it has a great nightlife, laid back attitude and beautiful beaches so it is the perfect location for sampling local Spanish food. Mains start at just €7 and their food is known for being fresh, locally sourced from the market just across the road.

Restaurante El Herreno. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

I'm also itching to try Wapa Tapa, in Playa del Ingles, known for their Spanish delicacies, great service and fantastic tapas. You will likely need a reservation but from what I've seen, it looks completely worth it. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly and are always bringing out new, delicious dishes to keep their menu fresh.

Photos taken from Wapa Tapa's Facebook

Aside from eating,  my second goal would be to complete an active excursion, such as this canyoning tour.  What better time to push yourself to try something new than on holiday? The pool will still be there when you return, as will your delicious food,  but those memories and that exhilaration is incomparable. The island is full of canyons and rocky gorges; what better way to experience them than abseiling down a cliff-face into the froth and splash of the water?

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The beauty of Gran Canaria being a fairly small island, is that the sea is so easily accessible. That's why my third and fourth selections would be a snorkeling trip or diving lessons if you're feeling adventurous enough. Introductory boat dives start from £65 with Snorkeling tours starting from just £35. The coastal vistas are just stunning, but what better way to experience the glory of nature than from out at sea? The trips normally last between 2 and 3 hours and often offer hotel pick up too. This particular boat dive trip currently has all 5-star reviews.

Photos courtesy of

My final selection would be the Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, a stunning gothic-inspired church in the Old Town area of Arucas. I think it's always so important to visit and experience local culture and monuments of importance. Although not that old as churches go, being only around 100 years old, it does look completely stunning, and will give you an excuse to explore the local Old Town area whilst you're here.

There you have it! My top five activities for a return trip to Gran Canaria. I think it can be so easy to get lost in the 'typical' things to do in a location, or the ones that are publicised the most, but you can find some hidden gems wherever you go.

I also think it's so important not to let a holiday where you didn't grab every moment of excellence available to you and let it dampen your perception of a place. There are always amazing things to do that you just need to give yourself time to uncover and explore. Gran Canaria is one of those places that is constantly evolving and always has something new ready to inspire you. Dig a little bit deeper under its surface and it will do just that.

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  1. I couldn't imagine a trip without pre-planning! Canyoning sounds amazing!


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